Darling Duck Sailor Beret Hat

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**I have a limited number of these in stock and they will ship in 3 days**

Hey, what's the big idea?!?!? Well, these quack-tastic berets, of course! 

These berets are royal blue and made from 100% wool with a vegan leather band. The inside is fully lined with 100% cotton. The black ribbon detail is hand sewn on by me to give it that classic Donald animated look. There is a 1/2" x 3" "WeveGotEars" logo with a red Donald bow embroidered on the side of the hat. The logo can be covered up when the hat is folded down (see photos). 

The hat band is 57 centimeters. If you aren't sure about your hat size, measure your head circumference right above your ears (where you would want the hat to sit when wearing it). The hat should fit heads that measure between 54 and 57 cm. For reference, my head measures 55.5 cm. Because of the flexible nature of the vegan leather hat band, the hat can be stretched out a bit by simply pulling on it by hand. 

These hats are one size. However due to variations in production, there are some that are about 1cm smaller than others. These would work perfectly for a child. So, let me know by using the drop down menu if you are purchasing this for a child or an adult. If they are for a child I will send one of the slightly smaller ones.