Create Your Own Character Sequin Mini Tie Knot Headband

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These headbands are made-to-order. Make sure to check current turnaround times before ordering.

Create your own character inspired sequin knot headband. 

Choose headband color and mini-tie color. Choose from:

Black Sequin
White Sequin 
Red Sequin
Royal Blue Sequin 
Bright Blue Sequin 
Purple Sequin
Turquoise Sequin 
Gold Sequin
Silver Sequin
Rose Gold Sequin
Lime Sequin 
Yellow Sequin
Hot Pink Sequin
Light Pink Sequin
Orange Sequin

This 3/4" headband is covered with glitz sequin in your color choice and topped with a Sequin Mini Tie Knot in your color choice. The Mini Tie Knot is removable. It can be untied from the band and tied on just about anything you can imagine, including your WeveGotEars interchangeable Mini Tie ears. 

Headband is made to fit adults but will usually fit children ages 3 and up.