“Root Flower Song Cord” Woven Pandora Ears

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“Root Flower Song Cord”

This pair features a stylized woven representation of the root flowers that transmit connections and transfer information throughout the Pandoran ecosystem. The ears are a fully sculptural 3D design and can be worn with either side facing to the front or back. 

These Woven Pandora Ears are one-of-a-kind! These will ship in 1-3 business days. 

These ears are handmade using the same standards of quality and comfort you are used to from WeveGotEars. Due to the construction and materials, these are are a a few ounces heavier than our standard cloth ears. However, the ears are still very comfortable for all day wear. (For reference, a standard pair weighs between 2-3 ounces, and these are 4 ounces). 

This headband took approximately 25 hours to make. The ears were built by making a basic framework using thin metal wire to create the forms and shapes inside a solid metal ring. Each wire is then wrapped with a base layer of raffia strands, anywhere from three to tens of times, to create the thickness each coil has. Several different methods were used to create different layers that wrap around the coils. Some layers were built by weaving and braiding different types and colors of strands, to create a multi-strand that is then weaved into other multi-strands.

Colorful beads and flowers have been incorporated into the design. The bioluminescent florals are both glow in the dark and black light reactive. They will really glow under the night lights of Pandora.

This pair of ears ships in a custom made wooden shipping crate with a handmade storage bag. The crate will contain a special insert explaining the symbolism and inspiration that went into making the ears as well as some information on the Na'vi weaving traditions. 

Ears fit most ages 3 and up but this pair is not recommended for children as they have small pieces that could become detached if pulled off and become a choking hazard.