Current Turnaround Times

When the shop is open all items are made-to-order. The current minimum turnaround time is 3-8 weeks. This means I can accommodate some orders needed within 3 weeks, but if you can give me 4-8 weeks, I will appreciate it. 

Before adding an item to your cart, you will be required to add a date in the "Date Needed" Field. The earliest available delivery date will be 3 weeks from when you order.

Orders will be prioritized by date needed, so while your item may take longer, it is because you specified a date needed of more than 3 weeks out. I will guarantee to have it to you by the specified date. This will allow me to accept made-to-order purchases instead of having only ready to ship openings.

I guarantee to get your order to you by the date you specify as long as you allow me at least 3-6 weeks. 

Unfortunately, I cannot rush orders at this time. You must allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Thank you!