Style Inspiration



Need inspiration on making the most out of you interchangeable ears and bows? 



Berlioz - Slate Gray ears with Red bow
Marie - White ears with Hot Pink bow
Duchess - White ears with Gold bow
Toulouse - Gold ears with Royal bow
Thomas O'Malley - Orange ears with White or Forest bow

Hundred Acre Friends:
Pooh - Yellow ears with Red bow
Piglet - Hot Pink ears with Light Pink bow
Tigger - Orange ears with Black bow
Roo - Gold ears with Bright Blue bow
Eeyore - Slate Gray ears with Hot Pink bow

Final Arrangements:
Haunted Mansion - Purple ears with Black bow
or Black ears with Purple bow
Mansion Maid - Forest ears with White or Black bow
Pumpkin - Orange ears with Olive bow
(Art in photo by @_onegoldensun_)


AP Pals:
Mickey/Minnie - Black ears with Red bow
Dumbo - Silver Gray ears with Yellow (or Red) bow
AP - Orange ears with Black bow
Pumpkin - Orange ears with Olive bow
Sweet Treats:
 Light Pink ears with Dark Teal bow
White ears with Gold bow
Gold ears with Light Pink bow
(Printed cotton ears shown are Plaza Ice Cream ears)
Tomorrowland Colors:
 Royal ears with Orange bow
Yellow ears with Bright Blue bow
Bright Blue ears with White bow
Silver Gray ears with Slate Gray bow
 Forest ears with Burgundy bow
Red ears with White bow
Burgundy ears with Forest bow
White ears with Bright Blue bow

Olive ears with Olive, Forest and Hot Pink bow
(Art in photo by @_onegoldensun_)