Auction for Pooh Mouse Ear Hair Clip

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This auction is open and will run until Friday, April 5th at 6pm P (7pmM, 8pm C, 9pm E).


This Mouse Ear Hair Clip is one-of-a-kind and will not be made again.

The ears are made from yellow faux leather topped with a red faux leather bow and a Pooh Tsum decoration. The clip is a 3" alligator clip. 

Mouse Ear Hair Clips fit all ages. Please note they have small pieces that could become detached if pulled off and become a choking hazard. 

Before placing a bid on this item please make sure you understand and agree to all the rules and information. 

Auction rules and info:

This auction is open and will run until Friday, April 5th at 6pm P (7pmM, 8pm C, 9pm E).

Bidders must create an account and be logged in to place a bid. If you already have an account, you can log in here. (Don't worry, creating an account does not automatically sign you up for any email lists. You will have the choice to opt in or out of those. During the auction time, however, the system may send you email updates).

Bidding begins at $1 and must increase in at least $1 increments. Bidding is unlimited and you may place as many bids as you would like for the duration of the auction.  

Simply type your bid in the box marked USD and submit by clicking "Place My Bid". 

Bidder may choose to remain anonymous to other bidders by checking the box "Bid Anonymously" before submitting your bid. 

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Once auction is over I will send an email invoice to the winner. Auction winner will have 24 hours to pay invoice and shipping. If bid is unpaid after 24 hours, the ears will go to the next highest bidder and so on. 

Shipping will be an additional $4 for USPS First Class or $8 for USPS Priority. 

--I reserve the right to resend the auction due to failure to adhere to auction rules or in the event of an unforeseen technical failure.--