Happily Haunted Adult Behind-the-Head Cotton Mask

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*These masks are not medical grade or rated for disease control. They are intended to use for the general public as directed by the CDC and for healthcare workers when professional masks are not available.*

These masks are handmade by Emily. They have 2 layers of 100% cotton with an inside pocket for adding an optional filter of your choice. There is a flexible stainless steel nose guard at the top. 

This listing is for an adult-sized mask with behind-the-head elastic loops (will not touch ears, has two straps that both go behind your head). 

For best fit, put mask on and cinch the elastic on each side to determine how tight it needs to be on your face. If necessary, cut the elastic and re-tie a new knot as tight as you need it. Straps will slide easily through the side seams for adjustment to top and bottom strap as well. The elastic can even be cut on top and bottom and tied around ears to make it a behind the ear mask if desired. 

Launderette bag is included with purchase and recommended for machine washing. 

Masks are washable by hand or machine.

As with any garment, hand washing and hanging or laying flat to dry will prolong the life of the mask. Be careful that elastic does not get caught in agitator or wrapped around another heavy garment in the wash because this could stretch elastic and cause breakage.

All masks are FINAL SALE.