Mini Ears - Pastel Pink Holiday Mermaid

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These ears are ready to ship and will be sent out within 2 business days.

These mini ears are a fascinator-style headband with the ears attached off-centered for a fascinator-style look. These ears are made with pink glitz sequin fabric and attached to a matching headband. They are decorated with pastel pink and blue polymer clay sprinkles, iridescent pearls, jewels, and glass beads. 

BE CAREFUL NOT TO CRUSH THE POLYMER DECODENS. The decodens are adhered securely, but some of them are made of polymer clay which is very flexible, however it can break when crushed under force. 

Fits most ages 3+

***These ears are unique, individual works of art created entirely by me. Designs are used strictly on the products I make. Fabric is not re-sold or used outside of the context of these ears. Design is not re-sold.***