Slightly Imperfect Boo to You Mini Tie Scarf - Small

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Scarves & mini ties are ready to ship until August 22nd. After that the shop will be temporarily closed. Scarves & mini ties will be ready to ship again September 10th.

**These mini ties are slightly imperfect. They have minor manufacturer flaws such as ink spots and faint dye irregularities. They are very minor and you won't notice them once they are tied, but you will get a great deal!**

Tie this mini scarf around your pony tail for a cute hair accessory or tie it to your favorite handbag or backpack. You can also tie it to a pair of ears or a headband. There are so many ways to use them!

This scarf is made from 100 % cotton fabric and measures 23cm x 23 cm (approximately 9 inches - pocket square sized). 

Washing by hand with cold water will extend the life of the product, but it is washer/dryer safe. Machine washing or warm water may cause shrinking or fading over time. Product is iron safe. Iron on cotton setting to smooth wrinkles.